Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Swimming Dog

When my puppy Diego was about 9 months old I took him to Woodland Park to walk around Woodland Lake while Dylan was at a baseball practice. All three of the dogs that I have owned before Diego hated water a lot. When I was walking around he kept on trying to pull me over to the water. So finally I decided that I would let him go over to the water, not expecting him to do anything. To my surprise, he ran right to the water and jumped in. Since then whenever he has a chance he goes running toward any body of water that is around him. Even if the water is frozen, he likes to run across the ice.

Diego going for a Duck!
Diego loves to leap through the water and get into the deep part so he can doggy paddle and try to chase after the ducks in the water. He does know not to go out too far or else he will get tired quickly. Close to the shore he likes to try to get the rock from the bottom. It is really funny.

Diego digging for a rock.

Here are three other pictures that I took on our last trip to the lake.