Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Sister That I Never Had.

A few weeks ago I was painting my fingernails when my baby brother, Dylan, came to me and said that he wanted his toenails painted. So I had him go to my room and choose the color that he wanted to wear. He choose a light green color, because he said that it was more of a boy color.

As I was putting away the nail polish I suddenly thought of something I had always wanted to do on a little sister. So I decided to put some makeup on him. He was really reluctant, but I was able to bribe him to let me do it.

This was the finished art.

This is what Dylan really thought of me doing this to him.

Okay, as you can tell I am no cosmetologist, I can't do hair and makeup very well. I still was able to have fun doing it though. I sometimes wish that I had a little sister, but I guess my little brothers will do. I love them both very much, even though sometimes they get on my nerves.