Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Call Me Mary Poppins

You can call me Mary Poppins because I am a Nanny. I watch two of my cousins named Brinley, 4, and Callie, 2, while my aunt goes out and does things that need to be done. I have been doing this since August and have been loving almost every minute of it. It has really helped bring me closer to my cousins. Some things that I get to do is go down to the valley with Aunt Dana and help her watch these two beautiful girls at doctor visits. I get to go and watch Callie while she is in therapy and watch how much more she can do every day since her accident.
This is Callie on the way to a doctor's appointment. Callie loves cameras!
I like it because I love little children and as a nanny I get to be with children all day long. I get to watch movies with them, play with them outside, take them on bike rides, and just hang out with them.

This is Brinley with her big sister, my cousin Amber. Brinley is camera-shy.

I think that overall it is a wonderful job, and hope that I can do it for years to come. Or at least until I finish my general classes at Northland Pioneer College and transfer to Mesa Community College to train as a veterinarian technician!


Mary said...

Great first post, Sarah! Keep it up!

Darryl and Tamera said...

Those sound like excellent plans for your future. Stick with it and you will definitely be rewarded in the long run. Tell us why you picked that field in a post, everyone wants to know why animals are important to you. (Since you've had little one's most of your life).that would make a great topic. Luv Ya

{ashley b} said...

hey sarah i just found your blog. very excited to get to read more from you! and i love how you said you have been loving almost every moment of it. ha ha :) that is the truth. it was fun seeing you at the concert! love you!