Friday, February 13, 2009

Animals Rock

As you can see from my profile, I love animals. I thought that I should talk about how I decided to go in the career of a Vet Tech.
This me and my first puppy, Rambo.

Ever since I can remember I loved to be around animals. When I was about seven I though that it would be cool to be a veterinarian, to help animals that are sick and make them feel better. I loved taking care of my pets when they were hurt.
This is with me and my next puppy, Astro.

When I got to high school they had job shadows, where you go and follow people around to see what career is the best for you. When I was a freshmen I got the opportunity to job shadow a veterinarian, and I was very excited. During that whole entire day I watched the vet. I just couldn't imagine myself doing all of the stuff that she was doing. When I got home that night I had the feeling that this was not the right job for me. As I thought about what I saw that day it came to me that all of the things that the vet techs were doing were things that I could do. Things like monitoring the animal while it was in surgery, taking blood and doing tests and things like that. I thought that it was really cool.
This is me and my hamster, Sox.

That day changed my entire career plan. I am so very thankful for job shadows to help find the right job for me.


Darryl and Tamera said...

That's awesome when you are given an oportunity like that. you look really great holding your peeps like you do. Good luck on your future plans, Sarah: Vet Tech.... Luv Ya

Genevieve said...

Sarah, I love your blog. I just started up a blog of my own. The site is if you want to check it out.